The advantages of Community of Practice

A community of practice consists of an set of scholars who “engage with one another frequently in a concentrated and methodical manner, talking and skills that they have created through participating in practices that involve reciprocal interaction with other learners”. The concept was first identified by intellectual anthropologist Jean Lave and academic philosopher Etienne Wenger in their 1986 publication Situated Learning. They noted that human beings are sociable animals that contain a need to establish and put in force Read Full Article purchase within their associations. Humans usually do not, however , reveal all of their mental processes or understand the opportunity of their learning the way that the community of practice would definitely.

In building a community of practice, these types of theorists suggest that learners develop shared mental models of learning and have the collective learning environment. Additionally they believe that shared domain and groupings of practices build a feedback trap in which professionals can continually evaluate the affect of their own practice and on the learning of different practice experts. The shared unit created by these advisors also permits learners to take on additional techniques outside of the initial course they own chosen. In so doing, learners introduce more responsibility for their learning.

However , these same experts also caution that this model of a shared url and groupings of methods should not be substituted just for careful vital evaluation of your practice. At the time you come together in a community of practice, you require to carefully scrutinize your practices and recognize areas where you can strengthen and improve all of them. You also need to be open to the learning styles of other folks. In order to do very well as a student, you need to be able to engage with other folks and help the overall advancement your discipline.