Massachusetts laws about union relationship identification, Secretary on the Commonwealth. Used to

Massachusetts laws about union relationship identification, Secretary on the Commonwealth. Used to

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Massachusetts rules

MGL c.207: union. Specific chapters of interests:

  • 1 Marriage of man to specific family
  • 2 Nuptials of girl to particular loved ones
  • 4 Polygamy
  • 7 Minors; solemnization of wedding internationalcupid review (prohibits marrying anyone under 18). Discover in addition, Parton v. Hervey , 67 bulk. 119 (1854) for additional debate belonging to the wedding of minors.
  • 14 motivation of foundation (annulment)
  • 24 Nonage minors; obtaining of detect; prohibition (age need try 18)
  • 25 Nonage minors; agreement of nuptials (parental permission desired under 18)
  • 30 Dispensing with 3 instances’ note
  • 36 Registering relationships that took place outside of Massachusetts

Certain situation laws

Collins v. Guggenheim , 417 weight. 615 (1994). The Court kept that “cohabitation in Massachusetts don’t produce the union of husband and wife when you look at the absence of a formal solemnization of relationships… [and] the problems of marital commitment [do not just] attach to an arrangement of cohabitation. common-law wedding is not at all respected in Massachusetts.”

Commonwealth v. Street, 113 Size. 458 (1873). The judge used that “ we all ordinarily go recognition to out-of-State marriages under concepts of comity, despite the fact that this relationships could well be prohibited right here, unless the marriage violates Massachusetts public rules, such as polygamy, consanguinity and affinity.”

Elia-Warnken v. Elia, 463 Size. 29 (2012). The superior Judicial courtroom “recognized a Vermont civil device as being the exact carbon copy of wedding inside the Commonwealth under ideas of comity.”

Parton v. Hervey , 67 bulk. 119 (1854) debate regarding the foundation of relationships of minors on top of the age consent without adult consent.

Shea v. Cameron, 92 Size. Software. Ct. 731 (2018) a receive of fake inducement to marriage is banned from the Heart Balm work (function), G. L. c. 207, 47A.


Sooner or later matrimony identification, Secretary belonging to the Commonwealth. Used to need partner or loved one carry out the ceremony.

Union without delay/Marriage of minors (CJD 430). Mass. Probate and Relatives Trial Division. “Use to inquire waiver associated with the required 3 time looking years and/or consent for small to marry.” See likewise: directions for matrimony without delay-Marriage of minors

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Massachusetts lawful blocks to marriage, Bulk. Registry of public record information and studies supplies a list of whom might not get married whom in Massachusetts.

Purchasing a beginning, matrimony, or dying certificates, weight. Registry of public information and studies details on acquiring duplicates of relationship data

Premarital contract law in Massachusetts, Charles P. Kindregan Jr., December 3, 2012 This papers provides an introduction to the writing and employ of premarital or prenuptial paperwork in Massachusetts.

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