How To Turn Freelancing Into A Career

4 Steps To Freelance Full

As a freelancer, you have the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time. Appealing perks like these are leading to the growth of the freelancing industry. In fact, more than one-third of the U.S. workforce is currently freelancing in some capacity, according to Upwork’s recent freelancing research study. Ways to earn Learn how to get started as an independent professional.Find work for your skills Explore the kind of work available in your field. Every hour, there are dozens of new job postings added to freelance platforms. Of course, you won’t be hired for each of those, but there are plenty of offers to go around. A freelancer is a self-employed individual who offers services to a company without being a W-2 employee.

In fact, the most prudent way to switch careers would be to replace your full-time income before you quit – although, as we’ve already mentioned, time may restrict you from managing that. However, people with little-to-no commitments can theoretically dive straight in. These people can quit their jobs at a moment’s notice and dedicate themselves to learning their trade and finding clients. Start practicing as quickly as possible and you’ll be able to command higher rates for my freelance business down the road.

The simple process helped me go from clueless, to a healthy pipeline of paid writing clients. You don’t know where to start, what to charge and how to find clients.

If you want to start freelancing, you need to know how to pitch yourself—it’s an asset that’ll be worth it’s weight in gold for years to come. By appealing so well to a narrow (well-selected) niche, your target clients will have a very quick path to deciding that you’re the best person to help them with their projects. This above all else, is the path to charging premium rates without anyone batting an eye at the first prices you throw out.

Just sub in “designer”,”producer”,”photographer”,etc.—whatever your speciality is—to find the opportunities that are right for you. At the end of a full day at the office, the idea of sitting down to work more may sound completely unappealing.

Step 1: Get The Right Equipment

You can avoid all that risk and headache from the beginning by performing a name search through your Secretary of State website. If your name is taken, or there are similar names already in use, you’ll want to choose something else to start your freelance business.

  • Sign up for Twitter and LinkedIn and start connecting or following other writers and businesses you want to write for.
  • I started out as a freelancer writer and now own my blog.
  • Doing so will save you time and get money in your hands faster.
  • You could be “Your Name Copywriting” or “Your Name Photography” or “Your Name Media.” Or you could work as a sole proprietor and simply use your name.
  • Make a deposit from your personal account, identifying it as such, into the bank account.

Building an a initial client base and starting to put some cash in the bank is a must for beginning freelancers. The goal of outreach is simple, but often misunderstood. Your main goal in outreach when you start freelancing is to create more advocates. For a lot of creatives trying to start freelancing, this is a great deal! Instead of creating a lot of individual relationships with clients, you can form a few strategic relationships with larger creative agencies and let them worry about finding clients. A lot of freelancers have clients they work with several times or continuously over a long period of time. These relationships are really valuable because the client already knows, likes, and trusts you – so it’s easy to go from conversation to paying project.

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Let’s assume you’re a graphic designer by trade, or you’ve at least been building your skills with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop in your free time. “How you use your limited time will greatly determine your success with freelancing.” Regardless of what your ultimate goal is, you 4 Steps To Freelance Full need to make it abundantly clear. This is something that all of the world’s top entrepreneurs agree upon when it comes to successfully starting a business. Join me today and I’ll send you my weekly tips, strategies, and detailed insights on starting a profitable side business.

This creates an incredible opportunity for people with useful skills to start a freelancing business on the side, and eventually grow that into a sustainable self-employed career. That’s exactly what I’ve done with my content marketing consultant business. Now that you’ve got your bases covered and are ready to start freelancing, it’s time to get your first client. You’re probably tempted to research ways to market your freelance business, and there’s no denying the importance of marketing. With a day job taking most of your time, you need to automate as much of your freelance business as you can.

4 Steps To Freelance Full

Keep reminding yourself that you have limited time to work on your business while you still have your job. So instead of doing a whole bunch of things at the same time and getting overwhelmed and exhausted, follow the plan below and take it step by step. While you don’t have to wait until your freelancing income matches your day job income, you do need to figure out some money-related stuff. I started largely because I love doing what I do and it started because friends and friends of friends asked me for help when they heard I’d managed to make some big changes in my own life. Not only will you be leaving the security of a steady paycheck, but you’ll also be letting go of perks like health insurance , paid leave, vacation time, and more. You’ll also be responsible for every single aspect of your business, from marketing and client communications to accounting and admin. This isn’t, of course, an exhaustive list of things that newly minted freelancers ought to know.

Start Your Own Business

Therefore, you must have clear, measurable goals of what you want to achieve and how you’ll meet those goals. Your action plan should focus on growing your network and income flow. Articulate your experience, education, skills, and field of expertise. Be clear on why you are the best choice in your niche. Let your profile be an accurate representation of what you can deliver.

4 Steps To Freelance Full

Imagine a writing job where you get to choose when, where and with whom you work. Join 300,000+ entrepreneurs worldwide in learning the latest insights & tips you need to build a game-changing online bookkeeping business. There will be times when you feel like you’re not moving forward, but a quick look at the deadlines you set for your business will assure you that you’re on track.

Do that well and you can unlock true organic business growth. Clearly, there are a lot of competitors in your industry that’ll be willing to charge much lower rates than you, no matter what you do. There are people from all around the world with lower costs of living that’ll always be willing to accept lesser-paid gigs than you. Get over the idea of trying to compete on price as a freelancer, right now. But, when you’re running your own freelance business full-time and reaping the lifestyle benefits of hustling your way into self-employment, it’ll be well worth the extra hours right now.

No matter what the other benefits of independent work, very few freelancers fulfill the dream of working part-time for a full-time wage on completely their own schedule. There’s usually clients who need things done by a deadline, new launches to keep on schedule or the project that goes terribly pear-shaped. When you’re working hard to build a new business, the last thing you need is to be worrying about making your mortgage or rent payments.

Step 7: Find The Right Freelance Platform

If you want that for yourself, here are the steps on how to become a freelance writer you need to get started. There is a lot involved with entering the vast marketplace of fellow freelancers within freelance platforms, and it’s worth getting to know whether the process is right for you. Outside of these essentials, there’s also plenty to learn about managing your own workload and overcoming some of the challenges that come with being a freelancer. These tips on how to set goals and rules for yourself and lean on your freelance community will go a long way to helping make you a happier freelancer. We have more tips on how to nail the money side of your freelance business.

We are quickly shifting to a “gig economy,” where more people are freelancing every year. Freelancing is growing popularity with every generation making it as a part of their income.

4 Steps To Freelance Full

I also use Trello to keep track of my to-do list for the week. Facebook and Instagram are good sites to update as well if you’re hoping to score referrals or jobs from your personal network. If you’re in a writing-related role, it’s possible your employer has prohibited you from creating similar content. You don’t want to violate a non-compete clause — even if your employer doesn’t fire you or take legal action, your professional reputation will undoubtedly suffer. Cut through the noise and dive deep on a specific topic with one of our curated content hubs. Whether you’re a beginner looking to define an industry term or an expert seeking strategic advice, there’s an article for everyone.

Gone are the days when you needed to buy space in a newspaper to promote your new business. Now, you might be able to start your freelance career without spending a single solitary dime, just by touting your services on Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, and Twitter. You need to work hard and be determined to succeed as a freelancer. More importantly, it takes time to gain experience and develop skills.

It’s been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made, and it’s been by far my most consistent side business to-date. Check out this post from Paul Jarvis on Lifehacker, about how to choose the right clients for your freelance business. Most of my content is in the range of 1,500 – 2,500 words per piece, and designed to rank well in organic search results, which is extremely valuable for most businesses. For that extra value, my prices start at $500 per post and sharply go up from there, based on other requirements and add-ons. As you’re just starting your freelance business, it’s fine to take a bit more of a shotgun approach to landing a few clients.

Find A Freelance Platform

You don’t have to be a freelancer in the exact same field you work now. Start taking stock of your hard skills and your soft skills to determine where you can excel. It’s good to know if you get stuck along the way, specialized career coaches can help. When you’ve decided to make THIS YEAR the year you’ll go full-time freelance, here are some of the concrete steps you’ll want to take with your employer to make the quitting easy. The truth is – there will always be freelancers charging much more and much less than you, at every stage of their career. You will change them often, especially if you’re ever in the FTF membership or mastermind and have me to kick your butt to raise them often.

How many hours does a freelance work?

Average freelance working hours (2019): 43 work hours a week
The good news is that we are slowly starting to see a tendency towards shorter working hours. If we analyze the data together, we see that more freelancers moved towards a working week under 40 hours.

Now it’s time to get more specific with your ideal clients and break out of categories. cash flow Start with stream-of-consciousness – who do you want to work with?

It’s easy to get lost in the research, planning, and setting-up phase of your freelance business. If you’re not careful, another year will have passed and you’ll still be without a single client. In my 10 years of freelancing, every time I’ve been tempted to accept a day job, either by a great offer or desperate times, the answer has always come back no. By following these steps, you’ll be up and running as a freelancer in no time. To keep your work life as smooth as possible, read this list of common mistakes freelancers make, and how to avoid them.

Since you’re managing your freelancing work alongside an existing job, you’ll need the discipline to do all this on top of your current workload. Sticking to a more-or-less regular routine of working on your priorities every day will help you make progress and not feel overwhelmed with everything that needs doing. This practice will also help you once you leave your job and start freelancing full time, as then you’ll really need that structure and discipline if you’re to get anything done at all. Based on your answers, define your personal criteria for a successful freelancing career and decide which of these are ‘non-negotiable’ and which are ‘nice to have’. This will help you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing clients and projects and will make sure that what you create is really going to bring you those things that you’re after.

There’s no way you can sell something to clients that you haven’t first sold to yourself. The weeks leading up to my final decision to quit my job, I had many moments of panic. I would find myself questioning my abilities and doubting whether I had what it takes to really work for myself.

As a freelancer, you’re building your reputation from scratch, and especially in the beginning, it’s of utmost importance to secure positive feedback. You may ‘just’ be a solo freelancer but you still want to think of yourself as a boss when it comes to managing your finances. Design by Katerina LebedevaA lot of freelancers won’t self-identify as ‘entrepreneurs’. That label brings to mind the Richard Bransons and Gary Vaynerchuks of the world and start-ups like Uber and Airbnb. Thinking of yourself as a business owner, however, will help you with the right amount of rigor and ambition when it comes to being a successful freelancer. When you’re working for yourself, you’re the one who has to make the decisions about which projects to take on. Design by oakbrandIt’s incredibly difficult to say “no” when you’re just starting out and you may be tempted to say “yes” to every single piece of work that’s offered to you.

Author: Justin D Smith