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We offeroutpatientservices andalternatives to residential treatment. A good number of our members do end up choosing abstinence, but most of them say they would never have been able to make that choice without losing their fear of long-term abstinence through MM. Abstinent days and longer periods are encouraged but, again, not required. Meeting people where they are and abstinence vs moderation letting them choose their first successful step. Large survey data suggests that the focus on abstinence as the expected outcome of treatment is an obstacle to people seeking treatment. These beliefs permeate our society which has been immersed in the philosophy of the 12-step programs that abstinence is the only answer for those of us who worry about our drinking.

abstinence vs moderation

I don’t want to give up a large portion of points for chips or a piece of cake so I don’t go near them at all. I haven’t felt like I am missing abstinence vs moderation anything but know that if I tried to eat those things in moderation I would over-indulge and sabotage the losses I have worked hard for.

“If all you offer is abstinence, you turn people away that you could help,” he said. He gave as an example someone in his or her early 20s with risky drinking tendencies who pushes back against the idea of abstaining from alcohol for the rest of their life. Contrary to the prevailing view, experts say, some people who engage in risky drinking practices may not need to completely abstain from alcohol. Instead, for appropriate patients, moderation strategies can be successfully implemented, even for those who’ve exhibited potentially hazardous tendencies. Using substances lowers a person’s inhibitions and impairs their ability to make good judgments. For example, a person in recovery for opioid use disorder who continues to drink alcohol may be at risk of relapsing due to lowered inhibitions and poor judgment while under the influence of alcohol. How can one decide between a treatment plan that is strict on abstinent behaviours and one that offers stages of reducing addictive behaviours (“harm-reduction”).

Moderation Or Abstinence?

Although less well studied, the same is likely to be true for alcohol, where substitution therapies such as oxybate and baclofen exist but are less widely used . If a certain time of day triggers an urge, have a plan to distract yourself, or find a new activity that will help you break the habit. Remind yourself of why you have decided to control your drinking. Reward yourself with other pleasurable activities that do not include drinking.

According to their recommendations, moderate alcohol consumption is two drinks per day or less for men and one drink or less per day for women. Blake Nichols is the Director of Operations at Desert Cove Recovery. Blake battled his own addiction to drugs and alcohol and was given the gift of recovery at the age of 23. Since 2008, Blake has dedicated his life and career to the field of addiction. He has experience in all aspects of addiction treatment including direct care, admissions, marketing, and administration. The core of this approach is structure and rigidity, as required by the disease model of addiction.

  • In working out a moderation plan with Practical Recovery there are a number of questions that may be considered.
  • Moderators, on the contrary, find that occasional indulgences can increase their pleasure and strengthen their resolve to avoid the temptation the rest of the time.
  • Maybe that is just a matter of time and I will come around there as well.
  • But then in my mid to late 40s I began this terrible habit of over shopping!
  • In fact, researchers have studied it quite extensively as a way to cope with drinking problems.
  • The sober and sober curious may not be interested in beers that have any percentage of alcohol.

However, few recovery programs address the beginning stages of problem drinking. Moderation Management is a national support group and program that fills the gap. Beaches Recovery’s counselors and therapists are experienced in several therapeutic approaches and can provide individuals and those who care for someone struggling with substance use disorder the information necessary. You may have heard some version of St. Augustine’s observation that “To many, total abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.” 12-step programs emphasize total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. This focus on abstinence, along with strong social support, may be why 12-step programs are effective for so many people. Abstinence is not only necessary for many recovering addicts, but it’s actually easier too. Also, a lot of these studies start from a false premise, that treatment professionals and AA tell all drinkers, alcoholics or temporary alcohol abusers, that abstinence is the only answer.

How Is A Systematic Moderation Approach Different From Trying To Control My Drinking?

This applies to how much you drink in a particular sitting, over an evening, and over the course of a week. If you are concerned about binge drinking or drinking too much on a regular basis, set a goal to reduce your consumption to “low risk” levels. Although Moderation Management is still a controversial form of treatment, the NIAAA reports substantial evidence that it works. Transitional living In fact, researchers have studied it quite extensively as a way to cope with drinking problems. Compared to abstinence-only methods, MM can be less expensive, intense, and shorter. In many cases, it’s also more successful than traditional methods for people who don’t have a severe addiction. There are many things that will come from abstinence after some decent amount of time.

abstinence vs moderation

The opinions stated in this blog reflect those of the author and not necessarily those of Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time with or without notice. Harm reduction is a worthwhile goal, especially when the total elimination of harm or risk is not a realistic option. Keep track of how much you are drinking by knowing how many ounces are in your glass. If you are buying drinks at a bar, be aware that some beverages may have more ounces of alcohol than you think.

Some may prefer the latter because, to them, complete abstinence seems unrealistic, overwhelming, and destined for failure. Families may encourage abstinence programs because of the impact that addictive behaviour has made on family members’ lives.

A Supreme Court Ruling Creates An Existential Crisis For The Ncaa And Its Anachronistic Idea Of Amateurism

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, contact your local hospital or contact one of our professional counselors at Desert Cove Recovery today. Reaching out can help someone stay sober and avoid the temptation of social use by connecting them with the best professionals and resources in your area. Choosing a holistic rehab program can help you gain the skills necessary to transform your life from the inside out. Rehabilitation and recovery are not only about stopping abusive behaviors. The right treatment centers can provide the skills and knowledge necessary to replace the hole that addiction leaves behind. In the final episode of Demi Lovato’s docuseries, “Dancing with the Devil,”the singer reveals she isn’t completely sober following her near-fatal 2018 overdose.

abstinence vs moderation

She wrote that even Moderators can benefit from short periods of abstinence, such as when Catholics give up certain temptations for Lent or when people take “digital sabbaticals” during which they abstain from using technology. Each substance use disorder is different, and addictions to different substances vary widely. People who are addicted to prescription or illicit drugs have a higher risk of overdose death. Whilea relatively small percentage of people die from alcohol poisoning, the risk is far lower than deaths caused by illicit substances like heroin. An alcohol user has to consume substantial amounts of alcohol before death occurs, but overdoses from cocaine, heroin, and other substances can occur with just one use. For these reasons, moderation has not been endorsed or recommended by SAMHSA or other national organizations for treatment of substance use disorders involving drugs. However, when someone admits they “have issues” with alcohol or expresses a desire to cut back, that’s a sign they’re open to making behavioral changes.

Our Hope Is That This Story Is Explains More Fully Why, For The True Addict, There Is No Moderation There Is Only Abstinence.

“Knowing that can be important to differentiate risky drinking from AUD, and identifying that group is probably one of the more effective things that primary care clinicians can do.” He also recommends that primary care physicians keep an eye as to what patients are drinking. For beer in particular, the landscape has changed greatly in recent years. The NIAAA considers a standard beer to be 12 oz with 5% alcohol by volume.

abstinence vs moderation

Its basic premise is that abstinence-focused programs are not a one-size-fits-all approach. MM embraces an ideological delineation between “problem drinkers” who have issues related to excessive drinking and those who are fully dependent on alcohol and have a disease. MM provides drinkers with the option of progressively moderating drinking habits instead of complete abstinence. One of MM’s core tenets is that abstinence vs moderation people should be free to choose how they address their addiction. Because of this, it’s important to be well-informed on both philosophies before making a decision as to which approach fits you. Learn more about the harm reduction model and abstinence model in substance abuse treatment. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism , problem drinkers outnumber alcoholics by four times.

To Abstain Or Not To Abstain

Moderate Drinking is a confidential program that helps people achieve and maintain moderation. The program is for people who would like to cut back or stop drinking alcohol.

AA requires a commitment to abstinence, whereas Moderation Management encourages moderation and allows the member to determine if abstinence is possible and/or preferred. Attend meetings online or in-person and learn about the program of Moderation Management. Our deepest sympathies go out to Kishline’s family, the victims’ family and all who were impacted by this tragedy. The entire addiction community grieves when one of our own is unable to beat this disease.

Author: Alyssa Peckham