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It is important to remember that if you publish less frequently, you should try to have a more in depth and thorough read than what a daily blog would consist of. For example, if you were publishing a blog post every 48 hours, it would be acceptable to write a 7 minute post from start to finish.

bookkeeping blog

Highlight your readers tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of personal financial fraud. After all, they don’t want to miss their photo or quote being published on your accounting business blog. Operating in an interactive fashion with your readers is always a good way to develop a blog readership. Learning from five common bookkeeping mistakes Small business owners wear many hats and bookkeeper is one of the most important. See where others have gone wrong and what you can do to stay on top of this important task. If you’re expanding your business and you require more complex statements, or you’re looking to delegate so you can free up time for more projects, hire a bookkeeper and accountant.

PricingResourcesxendoo Blog Helpful articles and answers to your bookkeeping questions. Catch Up Nearly 25% of businesses are behind on their books. Documentation of covered expenses and especially payroll costs is critical.

How To Pay Yourself As A Small Business Owner

Some of the accounting newsletter topics that would be ideal are the topics that would make a great series read. You could write a series on the most frequent reasons that small businesses file for bankruptcy. In the series, you could fully elaborate on each reason, turning them into a full post. It is important to connect with your readers on a level that feels like a personal connection. Make your accounting business blog posts relatable; talk about your pets, children, other daily events that you mention throughout your blog that humanize your online presence. Another important habit to get into when you are publishing a business blog is to respond to your readers when they reach out to you. It doesn’t take much more than a quick “thank you for reading” to keep your blog readers engaged, and it will continue to drive traffic to your blog and your business website.

But all too often, business owners don’t end up paying themselves. But it’s more common than you think…and you work hard. Knowing your numbers is how you learn to make it happen. We all want to provide the best service for our clients and it can be so hard to say no to work or pick up the phone every time it rings…but those things do create schedule space challenges. Solid turnkey systems are SO crucial for business owners. And adapting them properly to meet your needs is the key to streamlining, creating efficiencies, and gaining back your time. I love these kinds of systems so much, so I knew I needed to do a post on them.

At BKE we see Net Income as a percentage of revenues ranging from a negative % to 10% for the majority of our clients. We understand that Accounting Periods and Methods to really get the picture for a franchisee, you then have to add back an owner’s salary to Net Income to understand a truer picture.

There are so many benefits to be gained by taking control of your bookkeeping in the early stages of your blog. Taking control will save you time, money, and end of year tax time stress. When I started my first online business way back in 2012, there was a lot I didn’t know. However, the one thing I did know was how to do my small business bookkeeping and taxes. Armed with an accounting degree and CPA license, I wasn’t worried a bit about crunching the numbers for my business. A bookkeeper can stay on top of your business’ accounts daily for all transactions.

  • I adore how easy it is to navigate the blog, there are three ways to search for topics — by keyword, category or author.
  • Another big responsibility of bookkeepers is that they prepare invoices and send them to your clients so you can receive payment on time.
  • You will also get the benefit of having direct visibility into your franchises’ expense management and the ability to target early indicators of a struggling business.
  • Taking control will save you time, money, and end of year tax time stress.
  • BKE has been helping thousands of businesses like yours get their bookkeeping organized, caught up and reported in the formats they need most. publishes content from various contributors that includes actionable advice that you can use to improve the bookkeeping and accounting practices in your business. Types of topics covered on this accounting blog include understanding the various settings and workflows in QuickBooks accounting software to best practices in billing and collections. In addition to the blog, you can register for live webinars that tackle topics like job costing and how to analyze your P&L statement to identify discrepancies and areas of concern. Bookkeepers will also be responsible for preparing some significant financial statements for small businesses. These can include a profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements. The best thing to think about is how you will bring something different to the table in terms of accounting blogs. There are plenty of serious and stuffy accounting blogs out there.

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Answers to common sense questions such as leasing a car and keeping receipts are taken on. In addition to tons of posts on business accounting, they even offer tips for small business owners.

To avoid this annoying hassle, set a date every month to do your bookkeeping and COMMIT to it. At this stage, you will want to invest in a quality bookkeeping software. Yes… this software would require you to spend more money, but the features easily make up for it. It gives you an in-depth look at your expenses and revenue. More importantly, it gets you on the path to transform your business into a money-making beast. As a freelancer, I’d take cold-calling prospects over managing my books any day.

List is updated as we receive new blog submissions and re-ranked every few weeks. Keeping track of sales, earnings, expenses, and purchases is fundamental to the overall health and sustainability of your business. Effective bookkeeping produces the data you need to evaluate your current practices, anticipate challenges, and set attainable future goals.

bookkeeping blog

Have your readers send in their best funny stories about common accounting mistakes. Tips on effective debt management for the consumer. Discuss how to effectively reduce personal debt, how to stop accumulating personal debt, and when it is wise to file bankruptcy to get out from under a large amount of personal debt. Get expert advice to help you run your business with integrity, delivered to your inbox weekly. The insights you get from your bookkeeping will help you reap the rewards of your business for years to come. With this insight, you could hit pause on less profitable services, and focus on freelance coaching to make more money. Don’t leave things to the last minute… This adage certainly rings true in the tax season.

It’s critical to figure out how to make those pieces come together, so you create the schedule that lets you work as much as you want to. When small businesses provide adequate benefits to their workforce, it not only helps employee morale, but it can also help retain quality employees for the long haul. But if you’re new to running a small business, how do you know exactly which benefits to provide? Not only that — how do you find the right balance, ensuring you can afford to provide the benefits and that they’re sufficient? Here are some things you need to know about small business employee benefits. How account reconciliation keeps your business on track Account reconciliation is an important part of every business. This guide details how to tackle it in Wave, so you’re always on top of your record keeping.

However, if you speak in layman’s terms and explain the basic accounting principles in everyday terminology, you will have no problem finding an audience for your accounting business blog. He is the managing member of Patrick Accounting and Tax Services PLLC, a small business focused CPA firm in Tennessee.

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The truth is, there are limitations to turnkey systems because not every system is going to give you 100% of what you need. We all know there is no one-size-fits-all for onboarding, sales, and marketing contra asset account or admin tasks. We can still be efficient and maximize our productivity to get the work done. Running a business does not need to mean you live in a constant state of overwhelm and stress.

Bookkeeping records financial transactions, whereas accounting analyzes the financial health of a business based on those records. Simply put, one’s administrative, the other’s analytical.

bookkeeping blog

Accounting is a universal principal, but not a universal language. There are many people, business owners and private taxpayers alike, that feel intimidated when it comes to the language of accounting.

Include any IRS additions to tax law, any press releases regarding personal taxes, personal tax percentages, or other taxpayer related questions. Current government news regarding business taxes.Include any IRS additions to tax law, any press releases regarding payroll taxes, corporate tax rates, or other business related tax issues. Tackle year end like a boss Year end is a stressful time for freelancers and small business owners. But did you know it’s also the best time to take control of your business and influence its growth? We’ve got four steps you can follow to overcome year-end stress and get empowered. At System Six, we understand how complicated it can be to provide accurate, accessible donor information to your congregants.

Why Bookkeeping And Taxes For Bloggers Matter

Sit down with yourself and create an ideal schedule. I recommend you start with personal commitments and go from there to schedule in your client work. What in this process applies to my business and what does not? Say just one of your clients uses a different payment system than all the rest—that needs to added into bookkeeping blog your processes. I’m a firm believer that if people have their schedules in check and are in tune with the actual time and space for their personal life and business life, we won’t over-promise things. I’m talking about figuring out how much client time you need while also laying out other time for all your tasks.

What Is Bill Com And How Can Businesses Benefit From It?

We’ve compiled a list of four of the best accounting blogs around, to help you find answers to questions, learn accounting principles and keep up to date on important accounting topics. Without proper organization and support, a small business can become the victim of its own success. One missed customer appointment can damage your company’s reputation and send a potential client to a competitor. Even if you’re well organized, administrative tasks may be taking too much time away from your core business. For example, scheduling software and a virtual assistant can manage appointments and calls. If billing, payments, collections, and accounting have become stumbling blocks rather than engines that propel your business, consider a bookkeeping service to get your records in shape.

Remember that it’s okay to say no, set boundaries, and take time for yourself. It came down to being in tune with the time I needed to get my work done – because some clients only need me for a few hours a month, while others need me for 10 hours a week. But I have to tell you that taking the time to make a schedule will make your life SO much more manageable, which is why I wrote this post. Starting a business is a spendy venture no matter what your business is, and it’s often the first hurdle that prospective business owners have to overcome. Instead of giving investment advice, you should talk of the average rates of return on IRA’s, bonds, and 401K accounts. Wave’s suite of products work seamlessly together, so you can effortlessly manage your business finances.

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Anyone looking to learn ways to save time on their accounting processes or looking for tips on how to record a tricky transaction in their QuickBooks software. To learn about small-business accounting, bookkeeping and taxes, check out these helpful accounting blogs. Sign up for a trial, and get full access to Xendoo. We’ll do a month of your bookkeeping and provide you with a set of financial statements for free. At BKE we have designed our system of people and technology, BKE insight, first and foremost to deliver timely and accurate books that meet industry-specific needs to help our clients succeed.

You’ll find a wealth of information about managing your cash flow, finding and retaining the right employees and other topics that are relevant to any business owner. I adore how easy it is to navigate the blog, there are three ways to search for topics — by keyword, category or author. This makes it super easy to find what you are looking for. Some of the categories you can browse are Accounting System Design and Optimization, HR Profitability and Growth and Financial Intelligence, Reporting & KPIs.

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