8. dancing and event through festival. It will not become Rio de Janeiro, but Colombia enjoys an outstanding Carnival season

8. dancing and event through festival. It will not become Rio de Janeiro, but Colombia enjoys an outstanding Carnival season

Even though festival in Barranquilla (which is the most extensive) takes place in February, January is an equally good-time to consult with. Pasto and Manizales supply carnivals in the 1st few days of January. The Carnaval de Blanco y Negro in Manizales happens to be a wild week of revelry make sure that you take aged black-and-white outfit, as youre guaranteed to bring doused in flour, paint, and foam!

9. do a little intense recreations in San Gil

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San Gil is most likely the out-of-doors cash of the country. Extreme-sports admirers like it here. You can move white-water rafting, paragliding, caving, rappelling, going, plus using this city! Costs may vary but anticipate a payment around 60,000 COP ($19 USD) for paragliding and around 125,000 COP ($40 2500) for white-water rafting.

10. Flake Out in Tayrona Nationwide Park

Situated on Colombias Caribbean shore, Tayrona is definitely exercises of wonderful coastlines padded with avocado arms and a heavy rainforest with lots of effortless week outdoor hikes. I very encourage you begin earlier at the larger entrances at El Zaino and quit the parkland through Calabazo. This underused approach brings a total morning, and when an individual go the Cabo San Juan campground, youll have the finally half of the path to yourself. Tayrona can be the home of around 20 plunge web sites, including shipwrecks and red coral reefs stuffed with multi-colored sea lifetime, and two-tank diving are actually just 305,000 COP ($95 2500). For some beach time, visit stunning Cabo San Juan. To the end of the exotic stretch of beach was a lookout level, topped with a hut of hammocks. Create your own feet and enjoy the perspective.

11. Visit The Providencia and San Andres Destinations

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These destinations are literally closer to Nicaragua than Colombia. They are also regarded as some of the most unspoiled locations in Caribbean. Youll line up white-sand beaches, stunningly very clear blue-water, and couple of crowds of people (nevertheless, due to some recent hit, Providencia happens to be much busier). Try making it as soon as tens of thousands of black crabs progress for the beach. This occurs twice yearly for a 1-2-week period between April and July, consequently its never simple nail the time.

12. See Guatape

This village the most picturesque cities in Colombia and the other of the very most colorful around, as the majority of the traditional houses need murals colored on the bottom 50 % of their own facades that depict animals, someone, and forms. Simply lounging around within the vivid plazas, having coffee and people-watching, the most pleasurable things to attend to here. The majority of people, though, reach go the high (and hard) stair case to the top regarding the monolithic stone of Guatape (La Piedra) for certain of the finest looks in the nation. Guatape is a lengthy day trip from Medellin (hostels into the area organize them for the times), and so I endorse trying to spend no less than a night here you arent as rushed and can take advantage of the location little more.

13. Walk in Chingaza State Park Your Car

This could be one of the greatest nature reserve in Colombia, made up of above 1,000 herb variety and 187 chicken kind. Below youll find out about the Paramo ecosystem and exactly how it impacts the world water process. (enjoyable fact: about 80per cent of Bogotas water system is inspired by Chingaza.) If youre likely to walk, the best avenues could be the complicated rise into top of Lagunas de Siecha.

14. Hike in Minca

Minca is located in the foothills on the Sierra de Santa Marta hills. After a sleepy backpacker city, it’s at this point a hot spot for vacationers escaping the oppressive temperature to the Caribbean shore and looking to do some noiseless outdoor hikes. The best nature hikes is to Los Pinos, but it’snt simple: it can take three plenty from facility of community, and also its a stable climb in to joingy recenzГ­ the hills but, like most things like this, its more than worth it.

15. Check Out Cartagena

Cartagena is one of the most visited places in Colombia (because of lots of lead aircraft and cruiseship appointments). The city goes back to 1533, which is renowned because of its early city: a labyrinth of cobbled alleys, flower-covered balconies, and enormous churches on large plazas. But inspite of the throngs (and then there are a variety of crowds of people), The way we wish relished Cartagena. While there arent most tourist activities (you does a lot of them in one week), the thing that makes they an excellent spot to stop by is only that: its somewhere you may slow down, loosen up, and gorge to the remarkable gastronomy.